At Linterna Technologies we provide a range of services in the eCommerce and payments, including:
eCommerce Solutions
  Whether your just starting out or looking to further develop your eCommerce services, Linterna Technologies has the skills, experience,  technology and relationships to take you where you want to go.
Payment Solutions
  Finding the right payment solutions, payment gateways and banks to suit your needs can be challenging; especially if your online business is currently international, or you’re looking to take your business global. Linterna Technologies will work with you to implement the best payment solutions available.
Risk Management
Transactional Risk
Managing payments risk, minimising consumer fraud and maintaining your banking and payments relationships through effective risk management is key to every online business. Linterna Technologies will assess your business, make recommendations, and help implement the most appropriate solutions for your business.

Reputational Risk
Depending on the nature of your business, when accepting payments from or sending payments online to individuals or companies online, protecting your company from risks to your reputation is key to the ongoing success and growth of your business. Linterna Technologies will provide your business with the tools, depending on the nature of your business, to protect you from unnecessary risks.

International Banking
  If you’re looking to expand your business internationally locating Banking Institutions that understand your business needs and have the right tools in place to service your business can be difficult. Linterna Technologies has the international banking relationships to service your business.
Payment Solutions
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